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When documenting an application, I noticed that:

a) binders are not included (I haven't tried autoload modules)
b) The template for a controller states its class as Controller so there is a bunch of them listed in the API Classes index.  In fact controllers are saved under the name of the mojit so the template could use that or call it {Mojit}Controller, just as it does with the models, at least for the documentation
c) what would happen when there are controllers for more than one affinity?  The public interfaces would be expected to be the same (more or less), but private methods within it might not.
d) methods marked @private don't seem to get documented.

Some might be bugs, some might be intentional, I was surprised.

It seems you are using the old Python based documenter.  There is Mosen's excellent ybuild: https://github.com/mosen/ybuild.  It is meant to work with Nodejs, it makes quite a lot of sense to have it.

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  • Hi Deva,

    Please file an issue for a-c. d was as intended, but is going to change (private methods will be available in the docs by clicking the private checkbox)

    also, we're probably going to switch fairly soon, to the node.js version of yuidoc that Dav Glass (re)wrote here https://github.com/davglass/yuidocjs

    I'll check out ybuild, thanks for the info.

  • btw, you can file issues here: https://github.com/yahoo/mojito/issues
  • Yes, Dav Glass documenter, sorry I got the two of them confused, Mosen's ybuild and Dav's yuidoc.  

    BTW, are there any plans for a documenter for views?  Does moustache have any, something that would list the placeholder the view expects to receive?

    Regarding private members I would expect them to be documented.  The viewer already has a checkbox to allow them to be seen or not in the listing which is off by default. For my own records, I would expect to be able to document everything.  A private method in, say, a controller would be one that would not be expected to be invoked from the view, that is only for internal use within the controller, but that doesn't mean that in developing the application or, in this case, the controller, I would not care to know about it.


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