Client side application with file IO


I wish to create a client side application, but I am not able to understand anything about it.
Can anyone please direct me to an example . I am really really grateful for any help.
I added the "deploy" : true with HTMLFrameMojit
does it mean my apps are rendering from client side now on ?

Most important thing am interested is , does it allow free access to local file system

am very very excited about mojito, please some help me or direct me to a link

Thanks a lot

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  • deploy: true means that Mojito will be deployed to the client side, it does not mean that everything will be rendered on the client side. Generally speaking no browser will allow you to do file IO on a user's machine, at least not without a lot of extra permissions granted. You should look at other APIs to store your data, for example localStorage.
  • Yeah , I understood it slowly. 
    I figured out a way using html5 , thought its not that sexy :( 

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