Can mojitProxy.invoke work in offline mode?


I am following the example from http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/topics/mojito_run_dyn_defined_mojits.html#example-two. It works fine on server side with node. However when I build it into html5 app using "mojito build html5app". mojitoProxy.invoke won't work as it will trigger a POST request to local file system.
Below the code to invoke mojit from binder. The goal is to embed the offline build into a mobile app (all the logic and ui can be done without node).
Can anyone suggest a solution?

YUI.add('ParentMojitBinderIndex', function(Y, NAME) {
  Y.namespace('mojito.binders')[NAME] = {
    init: function(mojitProxy) {
      this.mojitProxy = mojitProxy;
    bind: function(node) {
      this.node = node;
      Y.one("#btndispatch").on("click", function (e) {
        this.mojitProxy.invoke("dispatch", {}, this.dispatchCallback);
      }, this);
    dispatchCallback: function(error, data, meta) {
      if (error) {
        alert("error dispatching mojit :: " + Y.JSON.stringify(error));
      } else {
}, '0.0.1', {requires: ['mojito-client']});

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  • is your controller affinity common or client? you can't have a server affinity for html5app (since there is no origin-server in those cases, i.e. iOS static app)

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