Yahoo Mail Access Using OAuth in iOS

I have an iOS application that uses OAuth to access a user's Yahoo email account. I am able to acquire an access token and all of its components in the form of a dictionary with the following keys: authExpires, guid, key, secret, sessionHandle, tokenExpires.

I am having difficulty with the last step: for other email services I am able to authenticate an IMAP session via OAuth using the user's email address in the form of a string and the access token, also in the form of a string. However in this case, because I am using the Yahoo's OAuth iOS SDK, the access token is a YOSAccessToken object with the properties I listed above. When I try to pass in this object (either as a format string or as is) I get the following error: "MCOIMAPSession: [0] 1 BAD [CLIENTBUG] Invalid command or arguments".

I have also tried passing in the access key and the access secret and a string that concatenates all of the token components together. Everything I have tried yields the above error. I also am not sure if I should pass in the user email address (pulled from a profile dictionary) or the session handle or what.

I AM able to login directly to a Yahoo email account with IMAP (no OAuth) and this works fine - so I know my settings and account are valid.

I am using MailCore2 in my project.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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