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FAQs and Recommendations

1. Suppressing Expect header
It is recommended that you suppress "Expect" header in outgoing request.

For example If you are using curl then please make sure you add the following (or
equivalent) line to their code to suppress the Expect: header:

curl_setopt($curl_handler, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Expect:'));

2. How to contact Yahoo Mail Customer Care?
First go to this help page http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/ymail/ and see if your question is getting answered. If you need to speak to someone from Yahoo Mail customer care please click the contact-us link in the same page or by clicking http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yaho...orms_index.html. There is an option for doing live chat with our support team. Thanks

3. All customer care issues raised in this developer forum will be deleted. Please avoid posting issues here since it can go unanswered. The forum is only for supporting developers to integrate with Yahoo Mail APIs. Thanks. 

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  • In the top righthand corner of my Yahoomail I had the possibility to go back page by page or all the way back to the first page. It has disappeared and instead there is the possibilty to scroll down only. Are there a way to restore the page by page mode?



  • I can no longer sort by sender!! What happened? Will this function be restored? It is extremely time consuming to go by date, etc. if I know that a specific sender is mostly information I am not interested in,. Thank you.

    Louise Topazmumm

  • Louise...! I had just written a scathing post about the same problem, and then I found the following link, and all is better...! Just in case you can't access the link, here is what you do.

    Go to your Inbox, and look for the Gear shaped icon on the far right. Go to Settings under there. Go to Viewing Email. Uncheck the box that says: Enable Conversations. Done.

    Thank goodness, because I was actually considering quitting Yahoo Mail after using them exclusively since I first got internet and an email address 13-15 years ago. I really didn't like the Conversations thing either, it was somewhat confusing at times. Below, is the link to those instructions.


    Let me know if you need help, and CHEERS...!


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