Importing Yahoo Contacts

sometimes I will have a problem when I wants to import a yahoo contacts to my site, When I tried to import the contacts and it goes to yahoo import contacts page, when click agree, it just change the oauth_token at the address bar and user will have to click again and again until it can redirect back to my site and get the contacts. This case not always happens because sometimes, it require me to click only one time to get the contacts and sometimes it even can exceed more than 5 click needed to get the contacts.

So, I want to know whether anybody got experience with this kind of problem before and if you do. What is the actual problem that causing this? Is there anything to do with the settings? (consumer secret, consumer key and etc)?

Extra note : I'm using PHP language and have tested it at my test site and seems can work every time i want to import the contacts and the problem seems to occur just when I wan to implement it on my live server site.

This is where it loop before can import contacts

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