Error when using Mail Web Service after authenticating with a Google Apps account

I have been getting an error when using the Mail Web Service API.

Steps to reproduce: 1) authorize/authenticate with a Google Apps account(click on the Google button in the Yahoo auth page then enter email/password for a Google Apps account) 2) call the /ws/mail/v1.1/jsonrpc endpoint

This is the result I get back: {"result":null,"error":{"code":"Client.MissingCredentials","message":"Missingcredentials.","detail":null}}

But in the same flow I previously called(passing in the same oauth credentials): GET /v1/user/me/contacts?format=json&count=max And got back: {"contacts":{"start":0,"count":0,"total":0,"uri":"http://social.yahooapis.com/v1/user/GCV7VTZUSOSS6CJ5UQG5MWND34/contacts"}}

I don't think any credentials are missing in the call. If I go through the same flow but using a regular Yahoo or Gmail account I don't see the error.


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