Are there any UI guidelines for designing a mail application?

It looks like most of the existing applications have been designed to a 800x600 resolution or liquid layout.

Are there any documents out there providing guidelines for the design of a Yahoo! Mail Application user interface?


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  • We don't have this spelled out on the site (yet), but here are some evolving guidelines:

    Search Boxes
    Your app have a search box? Yup, so do
    we. Take care in where you place your
    search box so its not right next to or
    below one of ours.

    Plan to have application branding via
    a logo or image in the upper left corner.
    Strongly recommend use of your logo.
    Yahoo! logo may not be used.

    Other Requirements
    Links: Notify user when taking them out
    of Mail such authentication, etc.
    Provide the following:
    - Privacy Policy via URL
    - Terms of Use via URL
    - Help/Contact for customer care via URL

    Application Size
    Your apps primary canvas should be w/in a tab. With
    subsequent task such as a picker or alerts in an overlay.
    Note the default visible size to avoid horizontal or
    excessive vertical scrolling.

    Tab Application Dimensions
    675 x 595px [1024x768 screen resolution]
    Overlay Dimensions
    620 x 500 px max, may be smaller

    Gallery Image
    Icon = 128x128 graphic
    A .png with a white background.

    Application Name
    • App Name = up to 32 characters total. Note:
    25 characters visible in folder pane.
    • No direct reference to Yahoo!/Yahoo! Mail.

    Application Description
    • Up to 256 characters total
    • Provide a 300 x 250 px sample image
    • Include developer name and link to
    relevant information.
    • Description may indicate application was
    developed “especially for Yahoo! Mail” and
    should identify added value, i.e. photo
    sharing/management, organization,
    event planning , etc.
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