ymail.search returns wrong MIDs

Hi all!

I see this developer forum is quite abandoned, I just hope I get response. Searching for mails with attachments seems to return wrong mids: SELECT * FROM ymail.search WHERE attachmentcount-min="1" returns messages filtered properly, but it gives mids like this : 1_0_AK/tHkgAALa3UYfj3QbCVCHBFb8

While it seems proper it turns out to be wrong, because manually searching the ymail.messages table for the corresponding message has the mid : 2_0_0_1_8697_AK/tHkgAALa3UYfj3QbCVCHBFb8

What's this and what's the solution?


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  • Guys, seriously, I don't want to use rude words, but this is the support of Yahoo? You'd better close this whole developer forum, if you aren't answering anything.


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