simpleyql, a free Java library to ease YQL+OAuth development


I am one of the developers of simpleyql, a library that simplifies the development of Java applications that need to use OAuth-authenticated YQL APIs.

It may help Java developers that got a bit unmotivated by the complexity of the oAuth core library (simpleyql is built upon it, but hides its complexity by being Yahoo-specific and doing some assumptions).

If you want to see it in action, check MemeThis (a Y! Meme add-on that uset this library), which is free software, just as simpleyql. An interesting aspect is that it's hosted on Google App Engine(*), showcasing how people can combine Google and Yahoo! services to build new functionality and make it available at zero cost!

* simpleyql was designed with GAE as an option in mind, but will work as well on standard web containers.


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  • Hi Chester. This is great! Thank you for posting your work
  • Hi Chester, I'm the editor for the Yahoo Developer Network blog (developer.yahoo.com/blog ) and we'd love to publish a story about simpleyql and a little more detail about how and why you developed it to support your development of memethis.

    We could do this in a Q& A format to make it easier for you. Please email me directly off-list if you are interested: havi at yahoo-inc dot com -- I'd be happy to publish and help promote and share your work. Thanks!
  • absolutely brilliant !
    Thanks you so much for sharing your work.

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