item exists in YQL or not?

This is my python code :

import yql from yql import * y = yql.Public()

str = ['ben','bugun','ankara','gittim']

for item in str: query = 'select title from geo.places where text="'+item+'"'; print item print y.execute(query)

and this is my output:

ben <yql.YQLObj object at 0x103687ad0> bugun <yql.YQLObj object at 0x1036a6690> ankara <yql.YQLObj object at 0x1036a6750> gittim <yql.YQLObj object at 0x1036a67d0>

I am looking for place names in geo.places .. so Ankara is a place name and the rest is not ! how can I find this out?!

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