data.html.cssselect - Suddenly getting Table XML Parse Error

Hi All,

I've been successfully using http://yqlblog.net/samples/data.html.cssselect.xml for a while, but yesterday it suddenly stopped working. It now throws a

Table XML Parse Error for data.html.cssselect [line 1:1 Premature end of file.]

I've replicated the error in YQL console with other websites, including the example from the YQL Intro Docs. (Board is adding the <> around http lines, but are not present in actual YQL query).

use "<http://yqlblog.net/samples/data.html.cssselect.xml>" as data.html.cssselect;
select * from data.html.cssselect where url="<http://www.yahoo.com>" and css=".accordion-stories a"

It seems there is an issue loading the data.html.cssselect.xml file. Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone found a solution to it?

Thanks, Daniel

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