callback=? for JSON failing

I've been using the callback=? for pulling in my RSS feeds all week and it's been working great. I can either use:

  1. Select * from RSS where URL = 'RSS FEED URL'


  1. Select * from XML where URL = 'RSS FEED URL'

I select JSON and select my callback parameter to be '?' and it works great in the console. All week it has also returned fine in my sample application and when using the URL directly in the browser.

Then just like an hour ago, my application stopped returning any data and when I put the URL in a browser, I get this:

?({"error":{"lang":"en-US","description":"Invalid JSON callback parameter ?"}});

Am I going crazy or did something change? I see this callback=? as a recommended approach on many..MANY blogs, so I have to assume I'm not the only one right now whose YahooAPI calls are failing if requesting a callback=?

Anybody else?

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