Yahoo Server is down from 3-4 Days


I have created a cricket app using yahoo api and no data is coming from the server since 3-4 days. Sometimes partial data comes but the server is down for the most of the time. The server down issue is causing me a lot of inconvenience and I am getting negative feedback for my app.

Please let me know when the 'server down' issue will get resolved i.e. when will the server will be fully up and all the data will be retrieved.

Also, I can see the data returned when i fire the query in YQL. May I know what could be the reason as the api can not fetch the data?

Please help. It would be great if the server issue is resolved sooner.

Thanks and Regards

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  • Also now my cricket app is working perfectly fine and data is getting fetched and shown from the server. But no data is getting fetched from Italy ip address.

    Can anyone please suggest why this is happening that data can be seen in India and not in Italy?

  • Can Anyone please update why my cricket app with yahoo api is not working in Italy? Please let me know sooner.

  • Can anyone please provide update on this? Please its urgent.

  • Can you provide details on what query is not working for you?

    Thanks -Paul


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