YQL vs Mai Web Services

I have got something like these : oauth_token = A=5svNTBz64g8Am0WrnoS7hLZvUA70zkj3wf2UvO8fLO.............. oauth_token_secret = 301e59e5b9c751eae3b63b2ada7c2dda6fc00cb3 oauth_session_handle = AKVpyVGIR8AYIQ0eF3Y8zc.DOB5d1L6GFPTzpessFLEkEmYmBok- oauth_expires_in = 3600 oauth_authorization_expires_in = 775187762 xoauth_yahoo_guid = TLVDTPB5KHQSSAVALO3....

Consumer Key: dj0yJmk9QzdSVjQxYVlrMjFuJmQ9WVdrOU9EWkpNVGh... Consumer Secret: 2e3e9eabcb9799c701d446e.....

Now, I would like to get all my ymail.messages with this link: http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/yql?q=select%20*%20from%20ymail.messages%20where%20numMid%3D'3'&diagnostics=true But, when I send a request I always get an error "OAuth oauth_problem=\"signature_invalid\", realm=\"yahooapis.com\"" Let you show me how to sign a request exactly or another ways to do that.

Thanks so much!

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