YQL suddenly stopped working for twitter.followers

USE "http://www.datatables.org/twitter/twitter.followers.xml" as twitter.followers;
SET oauth_consumer_key = "<consumer key>" ON twitter;
SET oauth_consumer_secret = "<consumer secret>" ON twitter;
SET oauth_token = "<token>" ON twitter;
SET oauth_token_secret = "<token secret>" ON twitter;

FROM twitter.followers
WHERE id = "<user id or username>";

I have been using this code for the last 4 months, everything was working ok and nothing was changed.
Last week this query started to fail with some frequency, returning 0 results. But today, it just completely stopped returning results and also returns no error.
I have tried other twitter datatables and all works fine, but just that one is not anymore.

Calling directly to Twitter with https://api.twitter.com/1/followers/ids.json?id=<user id or username> it simply works ok. Anyone knows what is happening?

Json return var dump in PHP:

object(stdClass)[167] public 'query' =>   object(stdClass)[170]   public 'count' => int 0   public 'created' => string '2011-11-01T19:20:09Z' (length=20)   public 'lang' => string 'en-US' (length=5)   public 'results' => null

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