YQL returning Client Error (420)

I am not able to make YQL calls from my console and not even from my script. Am getting this 420 Client Error.
And when I try to make the same call from my script I get null results.
I dont understand that it was working well for some time but the same script returns me null results.

cbfunc({ "query": {  "count": 0,  "created": "2012-01-17T14:09:54Z",  "lang": "en-US",  "diagnostics": {   "publiclyCallable": "true",   "url": [    {     "execution-start-time": "22",     "execution-stop-time": "24",     "execution-time": "2",     "proxy": "DEFAULT",     "content": "http://www.datatables.org/twitter/twitter.search.xml"    },    {     "execution-start-time": "30",     "execution-stop-time": "40",     "execution-time": "10",     "http-status-code": "420",     "http-status-message": "Client Error (420)",     "proxy": "DEFAULT",     "content": "http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=earthquake&page=1&rpp=100"    }   ],   "user-time": "40",   "service-time": "12",   "build-version": "24402"  },  "results": null }});

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  • Hi Sanju, <br><br>If you notice on Twitter&#39;s developers documentation: <br>https://dev.twitter.com/docs/error-codes-responses<br><br>420 is letting you know that you are being rate limited.<br><br>Hope this helps.<br><br>stephen

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