YQL error 400 Bad Request on local search

Using: http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=SELECT+*+FROM+local.search%280%2c+300%29+WHERE+query%3d%22Pharmacy%22+and+latitude%3d%2229.748115%22+and+longitude%3d%22-95.3668%22&diagnostics=true

Exception while getting cache key [mykey]: Timed out waiting for operation - failing node: memcache-ext1.yql.bf1.yahoo.com/" execution-start-time="1" execution-stop-time="1001" execution-time="1000" method="get" type="MEMCACHED">

Unable to retrieve query results from cache, Timed out waiting for operation - failing node: memcache-ext1.yql.bf1.yahoo.com/

Please help ASAP - this has been randomly happening...the same query works about 15 minutes later... Thanks, Tony

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  • Are you still getting 400's? or is this still intermittent?

    Thanks -Paul

  • I am still getting 400s very often

  • Started getting these again yesterday at around 4 pm CST. They continue to produce the same error again today.


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