YQL against yahoo.finance.quotes not working for some symbols


I've been having a problem querying certain stocks in the yahoo.finance.quotes table:

I can issue the following query against yahoo.finance.quotes:
select * from yahoo.finance.quotes where symbol in ("ABBY.L")

However, I get an error when I issue the same query for VMED.L.

I've added some more detailed information  on the YQL-Tables github project (issue 164).  I don't seem to be allowed to post a link to it here though.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
Or can anyone point out an obvious mistake I'm making in my YQL?


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  • <p>I would like to add my question to this one, if I may; although it involves quotes on futures and indicies.&nbsp; I can get quotes on common indicies, but not on US Treasury Notes.&nbsp; How can this be done?<br><br>US Treasury Note Futures</p><p>TBH12.CME<br>ZBH12.CBT</p><p>US Treasury Bond Indicies</p><p>^UTBY<br>^USTTEN<br></p>
  • Hi Richard,<br><br>I&#39;m able to reproduce the issue. <br><br>If I provide an invalid stock symbol:<br><br>&nbsp; select * from yahoo.finance.quotes where symbol in (&quot;INVALID&quot;)<br><br>I get a single item in the response, indicating:<br><br>&nbsp; <span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;ErrorIndicationreturnedforsymbolchangedinvalid<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span>No such ticker symbol. <span class="sc1">&lt;</span>a href=/l<span class="sc1">&gt;</span>Try Symbol Lookup<span class="sc1">&lt;</span>/a<span class="sc1">&gt;</span> (Look up: <span class="sc1">&lt;</span>a href=/l?s=INVALID<span class="sc1">&gt;</span>INVALID<span class="sc1">&lt;</span>/a<span class="sc1">&gt;</span>)<span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;/ErrorIndicationreturnedforsymbolchangedinvalid<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span><span style="font-family:monospace;"><br><br></span>However, when I issue this query:<br><br>&nbsp; select * from yahoo.finance.quotes where symbol in (&quot;VMED.L&quot;)<br><br>I get zero response items, but the following diagnostics:<br><br>&nbsp; &lt;javascript&gt;&lt;![CDATA[Exception: Error Retrieving Data from External Service]]&gt;&lt;/javascript&gt;<br><br>Let me take a closer look and get back to you.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Jan
  • Looks like the data for the particular stock symbol<span class="sc3"><span class="st0"> (&quot;VMED.L&quot;)</span></span>is malformed or misinterpreted (&quot;Column mismatch&quot;):<br><pre class="xml" id="prexml"><pre class="xml" id="prexml"><pre class="xml" id="prexml"><pre class="xml" id="prexml"><span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;csv<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span>Column mismatch: [Ask, AverageDailyVolume, ...] vs [...]<span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc1"></span><span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;/csv<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span><span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;query</span> </span><span class="sc3"><span class="st0">[...]</span> <span class="re0">params</span><span class="sy0">=</span><span class="st0">&quot;{url=[http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?f=[...]&amp;s=VMED.L]}&quot;</span><span class="re4">&gt;</span><span class="re2">&lt;!<span class="br0">[</span>CDATA<span class="br0">[</span></span>select * from csv where <span class="re0">url</span><span class="sy0">=</span>@url and <span class="re0">columns</span><span class="sy0">=</span><span class="st0">&#39;Ask,AverageDailyVolume,...&#39;</span><span class="re3"><span class="br0">]</span><span class="br0">]</span><span class="re4">&gt;</span></span><span class="re1">&lt;/query<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span><span class="sc3"><span class="re1">&lt;javascript<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span><span class="re2">&lt;!<span class="br0">[</span>CDATA<span class="br0">[</span></span>Exception: Error Retrieving Data from External Service<span class="re3"><span class="br0">]</span><span class="br0">]</span><span class="re4">&gt;</span></span><span class="re1">&lt;/javascript<span class="re4">&gt;</span></span></span></pre></pre></pre></pre>
  • I think it&#39;s because the underlying source uses CSV, but also includes commas in some of their values.<br><br>It&#39;s not clear to me whose responsibility that is though. &nbsp;How would I find out who supports the underlying CSV source?<br>
  • I am totally fed up and disappointed with the latest yahoo finance portfolio.<br>Yahoo DO NOT respond with any sensible solutions, they do not understand nor do they appear to care!<br>Here in the UK neither I nor many others I know (who use yahoo portfolio) are able to edit and HIGH LIMIT or LOW LIMIT values where there are 4 digits or more. When we attempt to do this any 4 digit entries revert to a single number!<br>Im looking for an alternative to Yahoo as they have no desire to make the necessary modifications.<br>Oh! and you cannt enter negative numbers in the HIGH and LOW limits.............which was possible under the older (working) version

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