YQL Weather statement not showing certain objects such as Sunrise, Sunset and Wind chill

Hi there I am using the statement

SELECT * FROM rss WHERE url="http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrss/SPXX0239_c.xml"

I get the data for a 5 day forecast, with date, icon, temp and text which is great. However I want to pull additional info such as wind chill, sunrise/sunset and feels like temp. I cannot see them in the request??

Here is my callback for the data

  window['wCallback_2'] = function(data) {
    // Get todays weather forecast
         var info = data.query.results.item.forecast[0];
         var code = info.code;
    $('#wData_current .wDate_d').append('<TD>' + info.date) + '</TD>';
        $('#wData_current .wDay_d').append('<TD>' + info.day) + '</TD>';
        $('#wData_current .wIcon_d').append('<TD> <img src="http://l.yimg.com/a/i/us/we/52/' + code + '.gif" width="80" height="80" title="' + info.text + '" /> </TD>');
    $('#wData_current .wText_d').append('<TD>' + info.text + '</TD>');
        $('#wData_current .wHigh').append('<TD>' + info.high + '&deg;' + u + '</TD>');
        $('#wData_current .wLow').append('<TD>' + info.low + '&deg;' + u + '</TD>');

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