YQL & .TORRENT files

In Yahoo pipes can the YQL module accept a .TORRENT file as input?

I hope it isn't a hopelessly stupid question... I use yahoo pipes, but not yql.

Why do I want to do it?

Each tracker decides what information it wants to make available. And sometimes the info is shown on screen via a javascript link - which is prone to failure in pipes.

I'd like a site independent method of of grabbing the following information that's inside the torrent file:

  • the info hash
  • the list of trackers
  • the created on date
  • the comment
  • the list of files inside the torrent.

example - a torrent from thepiratebay.org

bourne supremacy avi

I took the torrent file (the download link) and stuck it into YQL module

Yahoo! Query Language - YDN

The beginning is text followed by garbage characters.It shows the same thing as if you had downloaded the torrent file and opened it in a text editor.
The test pipe grabs what it can - the text at the front.

Pipes: 0138 .TORRENT file as input

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  • Unfortunately, this wont be possible today. The torrent file is not in a format that can be parsed by YQL. When you give the URL to the "html" table, you're actually asking it to treat the torrent as a HTML and since it isnt it cannot be parsed.

    Aside: The formats supported today include XML(RSS, ATOM, HTML), JSON and CSV. If the torrent metadata can be transformed into any of these formats, then YQL will readily grok it. That said, please stay tuned for our upcoming releases where we do intend to address such custom cases by providing hooks.

    -- Nagesh

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