YQL Select from ymail.msgcontent result problems

When I run a query against the ymail.msgcontent table, sometimes it returns nothing. If I wait a few minutes, and run the EXACT same query again, then it returns the right rows. There are no errors or problems that come back from the query, only sometimes it has zero results

The query I am issuing is below.

 select message from ymail.msgcontent where mids = "2_0_0_1_672150_AFrTi2IAANzTUOGUAgQaSkWqlZ4"

In the above query, I have previously obtained the mid from a different select of the ymail.messages table. Sometimes this query returns the actual record, sometimes it returns the below:


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  • While selects from the msgcontent table are unreliable, I changed to using the web service endpoint to fetch messages. The web service end point works great.

  • ok


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