YQL-Console: yahoo.finance.stock suddenly broken? JavaScript syntax error in response

Hi all,

since last week I'm tinkering with YQL, so I'm a newbie when it comes to it. Starting last weekend the handling of yahoo.finance.stock seems broken. The console (or CURL) yields a 'double default label in the switch statement'. When I open the corresponding XML content file, I see two defaults indeed:


A likely related file in the referenced Github project doesn't have two defaults in the switch statement:


As this file wasn't updated for 3 years, can it be caused by some broken caching? Any hints how I can fix this issue?

Kind regards,


 "query": {
  "count": 0,
  "created": "2013-07-15T16:49:50Z",
  "lang": "en-US",
  "diagnostics": {
   "url": [
     "execution-start-time": "1",
     "execution-stop-time": "5",
     "execution-time": "4",
     "id": "69485aff-4ef5-4cb4-a736-4fd74d9a1e15",
     "content": "<http://sherpa/YDHTWebService/V1/get/yql.global/store%3A%2F%2Fdatatables.org%2Falltableswithkeys>"
     "execution-start-time": "7",
     "execution-stop-time": "12",
     "execution-time": "5",
     "id": "d01c6a3e-5365-4951-bbde-1e76e36097df",
     "content": "<http://sherpa/YDHTWebService/V1/get/yql.global/store%3A%2F%2FfYusf1Z1oRv5LAo4DWLQgo>"
     "execution-start-time": "18",
     "execution-stop-time": "31",
     "execution-time": "13",
     "id": "26f12e9a-2eac-4cd8-819f-e1bed5765ef5",
     "content": "<http://sherpa/YDHTWebService/V1/get/yql.global/store%3A%2F%2FRjdEzitN2Hceujh3tGHPj6>"
     "execution-start-time": "51",
     "execution-stop-time": "56",
     "execution-time": "5",
     "id": "32576586-340d-49c5-8a81-d16147ef9cda",
     "content": "<http://sherpa/YDHTWebService/V1/get/yql.global/store%3A%2F%2FfYusf1Z1oRv5LAo4DWLQgo>"
     "execution-start-time": "61",
     "execution-stop-time": "73",
     "execution-time": "12",
     "id": "9da0289e-188e-40c6-bd2b-ae5f76fc3670",
     "content": "<http://www.datatables.org/yahoo/finance/yahoo.finance.stock.xml>"
   "publiclyCallable": "true",
   "javascript": [
    "Error: double default label in the switch statement<javascript>:180:        default:^",
    "Error: invalid return<javascript>:191:return ^true;",
    "Error: syntax error<javascript>:192:    }^",
    "Exception: Compilation produced 3 syntax errors. (<javascript>#1)",
     "execution-time": "1",
     "instructions-used": "0",
     "table-name": "yahoo.finance.stock"
   "user-time": "78",
   "service-time": "39",
   "build-version": "0.2.1593"
  "results": null

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