Use of BSD license

I would like to develop a new application using YQL, and am looking for advice on licensing.

Do the terms of use allow for commercial entities to develop applications using YQL and then license the application under BSD?
Is the API call considered Yahoo copyrightable? I have seen that the API calls are put up on the web site freely, but can not seem determine
how the call is handled - I know the API itself is bound by the terms - and since I do not ship a key with the code, any user who downloads my
code will enter into a relationship with Yahoo. Where does the relationship start with Yahoo - is it when you put the language into the source code
to make the call to the API or is it when the action of the call occurs?


$session=YahooSession::requireSession(API_KEY, SHARED_SECRET);

is YahooSession::requireSession public in nature - meaning there is no defended copyright associated? It does nothing without the associated key that the user must apply for.

How about this -
string(80) "http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/yql?q=select+*+from+social.profile+where+guid%3Dme"

again, is this considered copyrightable by Yahoo - the call itself does nothing unless there is a key associated with it. but nowhere in the documentation does it call out how we should consider the actual API call - which is causing me to re-think releasing under BSD.

Help - i think????


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