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I'm not sure exactly when, but it appears that stock names are being truncated. It appears to have started in the last week or two. An example is JHMAX, which now returns this: JHMAX hn Hancock Massac

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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  • Here is the command:
    select * from csv where url='http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=JHMAX&f=sn&e=.csv' and columns='symbol,name'

  • Has been happening to me for a couple of weeks now, but ONLY FOR MUTUAL FUNDS. Regularly traded symbols are not clipped. First 2 characters are dropped from most (all?) mutual fund names, and looks like characters are getting clipped from the end too.

    • NGCAX = "lumbia Fds Srs Tr" (should be COlumbia ...)
    • UUPIX = "traEmerging Marke" (should be ULtra ...)
    • LETRX = "G Russia Fund Cla" (should be ING Russia ...)


    • MSFT = "Microsoft Corpora" (clipping end but not start)
    • TWX = "Time Warner Inc."
  • I'm getting this as well. Running this query


    You'll see that "corporation" gets truncated, and so forth. Is it just specific stocks that are truncated, or is this the case with all stocks with company names larger than 17 characters?

  • http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=JHMAX&f=sn&e=.csv is the truncating culprit. It is not YQL's fault.

    If you really want full company names you'll now have to query an Open Data Table that doesn't use quotes.csv behind the scenes. I'm in the process of revisiting my 4 yr old ODTs, so they should soon again have the ability to supply Company, Exchange, Sector, Industry, # employees, and Historical Price Start & End dates given a ticker symbol.

    See Using YQL to get summary information on a stock from Yahoo Finance via a single HTTP Get for my original old post.

  • Whatever the source of the problem, it appears to be fixed. Fund names are not getting truncated (LEADING chars at least).


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