Table has been blocked

I have a table that is stored in yql.storage

I never had any problem with it until today, when I started receiving error messages stating : "The current table 'r' has been blocked. It exceeded the allotted quotas of either time or instructions"

I do not understand why I would receive this message since: 1 - I am sure I do not call this more than 2000 times an hour (also, I use caching) 2 - I never had any issue with running too many instructions with this code 3 - I am the only one using this table, so it could not have been abused by someone else

I was planning on using this table on a soon to be launched site but I'm starting to wonder if YQL is reliable enough ? How can I get more clarity about what's causing this ?

For info, the execution store is at: <store://8RFLIu3LrCqjeJQ6oWonyN>

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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