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I want to use YQL to retrieve some information on my website but I saw there is a limited number of requests, which is different when you are logged in or not.

Does anyone know how can I tell yahoo that I have a user account before launching my request ? (php or any web language)

Thanks a lot if someone has a reply :)

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  • Hi Guillaume, <br><br>YQL uses OAuth (3-legged) to determine the user from an API call.&nbsp; Here is a starting guide to how that would work:<br>http://developer.yahoo.com/oauth/guide/oauth-guide.html<br><br>The basic flow is that you have a user signed in at Yahoo! and you first would make a request to the OAuth API to get a token which will represent your cookies then you will sign a request with your token and secret and that signed call will be made to YQL.&nbsp; <br><br>This chapter might help you understand too: http://developer.yahoo.com/oauth/guide/oauth-signing.html<br><br>Hope that helps!<br><br>stephen

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