YQl and Eurosport?

hi all...is there a yql for eurosoprt? i'd love to find a way to querry about cycling, teams and bios...but it appears this is not yet possible in terms of yql...any ideas?

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  • no but you should be able to make it as long as europsport pages do not have a robot.txt blocking it any public info you can scrape.
    I wish they had better tutorials on how to make tables, but if you make a table then you can use it to extract whatever you want from the public eurosport pages at the least.
  • thanks Monsignor...yeah, that is the direction i have been going thus far. My concern is simply a change to the html format, and it's rewrite time. A true db query would be sooooo much better. Ok, maybe i will rethink my approach

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