Querying ymail.messages don't work - no success at all with WHERE statements


I'm getting desperate. It seems that even the simplest WHERE statements fail for me. For example : select * from ymail.messages where mid='DUMMY_ID' returns all the messages. Come on, there is surely no message with mid : DUMMY_ID select * from ymail.messages where mid='2_0_0_1_3176_AK/tHkgAAVBPUYKC9AQw/S/dUSc' returns all messages (that id does exist).

In the end I'd like to query what messages has attachments, so I'm doing it like : select * from ymail.messages where messageInfo.flags.hasAttachment='1'

all messages returned, even those who has hasAttachment : 0

Please help, I've been trying since hours but can't get around this, this is so simple, so I might screw up some obvious thing, or there are veeery serious bugs in YQL.

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