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I have written an app which does content analysis against the public endpoint with no authentication.

According to the documentation its 2000/requests/hour per ip address. Is this incorrect? It seems to me after about 300 requests it seems to block it for all of my ip's end returns empty results no matter what content is pushed in. Not sure what to think about it, is it a bug in the application, is this desired?

Any help would be awesome.


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  • Let me know

    1. What Public endpoint are you using
    2. Where your code executes (Client side server side)
    3. What output you are getting ?? ( error code etc.)

    I can help you here

  • 1) /v1/public/yql 2) Its all server side, its all command line based, there is no user context. 3) There is no error at all, its just empty results.

    Here is the json after converted using php into objects.

    object(stdClass)#855 (1) { ["query"]=> object(stdClass)#861 (4) { ["count"]=> int(0) ["created"]=> string(20) "2013-08-21T09:51:34Z" ["lang"]=> string(5) "en-US" ["results"]=> NULL } }

  • Here is a sample request:

    POST against: https://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql

    The post args string is: q=select+%2A+from+contentanalysis.analyze+where+text+%3D+%22We+are+a+Real+Estate+office+dedicated+to+keeping+you+in+touch+with+your+community%21++If+you+are+a+small+business+owner+or+community+resident+please+do+not+hesitate+to+have+us+post+or+advertise+for+you+on+this+facebook+page%21%21%21+contact+us+at+403-283-7113%22&format=json

    Just an example from content pulled from my database, this obviously will look different depending on the content.

    Am I missing something? I would really appreciate some help i am very excited to get this working :)

  • Ok so I fixed my problem by doing auth and not going against the public API

    Works good now, any idea why public wont work though?

  • scratch that, even it is failing.

    Just took a while longer.really really lame.

  • how many queries are you doing in a batch? if you do many, maybe you should cache your results to avoid querying again.

  • I am not doing any batch query at all, just 1 query at a time. according to what I read I should be able to do about 2000 to content analysis per hour with a single IP address. I have 50 IP addresses and all 50 of them seem to get blocked after about 300->400 attempts..

    Not sure how that is, but the results come back empty when they should return information in them, like 50+ queries in a row giving empty results.

  • If the returned results are all NULL, it does not mean your IP is blocked by yql. I assume rather it has something to do with the yahoo site which provides the contentanalysis service.

  • Right well it like clockwork seems to stop all of them from doing there thing. I doubt that 400-500 requests are overwhelming the server that it just shutdowns down for 2-3 hours.. i dunno what else to say about it other then its a show stopper.


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