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Hello everyone,

I'm starting to play with YQL. I want to create some Open Data Tables, right now i'm trying with musicBrainz...
I created one table for artist query: http://adrien.gibrat.free.fr/yql/mb.artist.query.xml
It's working fine!
A query like:
select id, type,name,disambiguation from artist(0,101) where q='a*';
use paging and retrieve 2 times the API...

But when I create an alias for the query:
use 'http://adrien.gibrat.free.fr/yql/mb.artist.query.xml' as artist;
select id, type,name,disambiguation from artist where q=@q;

(the alias url is http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql/a...b-artist-query)

I can't qive my own limit & offset in the query! The paging default are always used!
I was expecting that:
will return 2 results and the request to musicbrainz should be
but the actual request use the paging default!
and then return 25 results.
I can't neither changer offset and then request the content of "page 2" using my alias! It seems I have to rewrite the whole YQL query.... disapointing sad.gif
query params should be able to override paging default... otherwise you can't have the best of the 2 worlds!
How can I override this default values!

Any ideas?

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