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The api I'm trying to use allows for batching on multiple keys. Like: /item.xml?type_ids=34,35&region_ids=10000001,10000002 When I create keys for both fields I get this error "Only a single subselect with a key field is allowed in a branch. Found 2 subselects with keys region_ids, type_ids"

How can I create a select with 2 batchable fields?

The URL looks like:

The inputs look like:
<key id='type_ids' type='xs:interger' paramType="path" required="true" batchable="true" maxBatchItems="10" /> 
<key id='region_ids' type='xs:interger' paramType="path" required="false" batchable="true" maxBatchItems="10" />

Also is it possible to create a batchable key with a paramType="query"?

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  • Hi,

    could you add a link to your table? I'll take a look anyway but that would be really helpful.

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