Multiple sampleQuery elements break the table browser

The short version of my issue:
If a YQL table has multiple <sampleQuery> elements, clicking on the table name in the table browser of the YQL console produces the text [object Object] in the statement window.

How to reproduce this:
- open the YQL console http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/
- load the community tables on the right hand side
- search for longurl.org
- click on the text longurl.org
- now you will see [object Object]

I assume that this is an issue with the table browser of the YQL console (not sure how this UI element is really called).
I made a test and removed the 2nd sampleQuery of the longurl.org table and then the issue was gone.

Is this the correct place to post this issue? I was contemplating to post it at the yql-tables repository on github but I consider this to be an UI issue of the YQL console rather than an issue with the longurl data table.

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  • Yes this is a known bug. Thanks for the report, we&#39;ll take a look into fixing it.<br><br>-Paul&nbsp;<br>YQL Team

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