Invalid URL and Invalid HTTP destination port


I a few days ago I created the following query

select * from xml where url="<http://www.oddsmatrix.com>:81/frxmlfeed/Football_live_today.xml"

It was working fine, but when I tried to run the query today I got the following error

Invalid URL <http://www.oddsmatrix.com>:81/frxmlfeed/Football_live_today.xml: Invalid HTTP destination port

Can anyone explain if this is a temporary issue, or if it might be something else. I don't have control on the URL in question.


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  • I have the same problem. Do you think getting help? I don't. My projekt was running the last 12 month and I was requesting dat from different URL's with different ports like 8081, 8082, 8080 with a charme. Now it doesn't. What can we do? I don't know.

  • I think that recently there were some updates to the YQL console, maybe it is a new security measure? I hope that someone knowledgeable replies with an answer to why this is happening now.

  • I have this same issue. Requests on port 80 work, but not 8000. it seems Yahoo broke something here.

  • Also experiencing this behavior. Anyone hear of any updates on this?

  • Same issue here. Was working fine until very recently. Sure hope there's a fix coming.


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