How do I get rid of yql.txt on Yahoo? I hate it and cannot find anyway to get rid of it. It interjects itself onto almost every Yahoo page I visit and as far as I can tell doesn't do a damn thing except mess up viewing pages easily. Yahoo needs to at least offer an option out for this piece of crap for those of us who don't want or know how to use it. I've been with yahoo for years, but if I can't get rid of this pita, then I'm going to have to switch my homepage over to Google or Firefox so I don't have to deal with it. Adding something like this to my Yahoo account with out my permission or a way to eliminate it was an asinine decision. Shame on you Yahoo!

  • TJ
  • Sep 1, 2013
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  • Tee support seems like some sort of ransomeware. Infect someones computer and then offer this Tee Support to rid your computer of the problem. I'm pretty sure this is another one of those "free" downloads that ultimately wind up requiring that you download their "free" program and then requires that you pay $$$$ to get rid of the program. I came upon this Tee Support several days before I posted on YQL forum. I've already run Malwarebytes and three antivirus programs and think I may have the problem licked.


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