How to add a new Open Data table

I need to add the official Halo: Reach API to make the data available to YQL as community data tables.

I've found the documentation, a good blog post, and some good examples of user-submitted data tables.

How can I go about adding a new open data table? Where exactly do I need to submit a new open data table?

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  • I've uploaded the XML definition for a new Open Data table to SKyDrive:


    Could somebody please add it to the open tables on Github under a new parent directory called "Bungie" which is the name of the company operating the API?

    I have tried to do this, but the latest version of Git UI and the command line tools are throwing errors. It shouldn't be this hard. I've never had problems like this with other source code repositories. This is something that YDN needs to get right if they want YQL to be popular among developers. :)
  • Update -- I managed to add the XML defining the new data table to the YQL tables Github repository, despite the error messages in the software:


    My only concern now is how long it will take to get my branch integrated. Even then, there may be problems which I will need to fix. I see that there is a long queue of forks waiting to be merged into the main repository. Is this project still being actively supported?

    To the guys at YDN: you really need a better way of managing data tables than Github. Why not create a web form that developers can use to submit their table definitions?

    Based on the lack of involvement in these forums, and the lack of web integration for community data tables, I'm questioning Yahoo's commitment to YQL -- especially community data tables, and I am becoming increasingly sceptical about how worthwhile it is spending my own time trying to contribute.

    (I would have edited my original post rather than post an update, but there is no way to edit a post.)
  • Hi Tim!

    You have to ask to pull your changes into the main branch.

    Anyway, there is another way of test your table without having it integrated into the community tables.

    Just use the following syntax:

    use "http://myserver.com/mytable.xml" as mytable; select * from mytable

    As you see, you can put your table in a public url and tell yql system to retrieve it, then you can start using it :D(I would have edited my original post rather than post an update, but there is no way to edit a post.)
  • Thanks, Francisco. I hope my new community open data tables are integrated soon. :)
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