Help with a simple YQL Query

I'm using the YQL console to run the following query:

select *
from xml
where url="http://www.inova.org/patient-and-visitor-information/facilities/inova-fair-oaks-hospital/plan-your-visit/index.jsp"
 and itemPath="//div[@id='content']"

No results are returned. I've also tried using xpath and css just for grins, but I get no results. If I remove the second filter, I get the page markup. If I specify the itemPath as 'html.body.form.and.so.on', I get what I want, but this is insanely fragile.Am I doing something wrong? It's an XHTML page (according to the doctype), so select * from html didn't work. Is there a way to directly access the specific node I need (and its content) this way? I've been battling this for hours and I'm about done. Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks.

I tried(?) to post this yesterday, but it doesn't appear to have been submitted as far as I can tell. Apologies if this ends up being a duplicate post.

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