Getting the same result twice when querying geo.places


I am using the YUI autocomplete module to find a location when a user is typing it. So my code looks like this :

    Y.one('#ilocation').plug(Y.Plugin.AutoComplete, {
        resultListLocator: function (response) {

            if (response.query.count > 0) {
                var p = response.query.results.place;
                var places = new Array();
                if (response.query.count == 1) {
                    p[0] = p;
                    var len = 1;
                    var len = p.length;
                var woeids = new Array();
                for (i = 0; i < len; ++i) {
                    var ctr = p[i].woeid;
                    if (typeof(woeids[p[i].woeid]) == 'undefined') {
                        woeids[p[i].woeid] = true;

                        var p1 = p[i]['name'];
                        if (typeof(p[i]['admin1']['content']) != 'undefined')
                            p1 += ', '+p[i]['admin1']['content'];
                        places[i] = p1+ ', '+p[i]['country']['content'];
                return places;
            return false;
        resultHighlighter: 'phraseMatch',
        source: 'select * from geo.places where text = "{query}*" or text = "{query}"'

This is the query : select * from geo.places where text = "{query}*" or text = "{query}"'

I have to put two where clauses to the query, otherwise it doesn't find any result for a perfect match. For example, if I enter "Lev", the result includes "Levis, Quebec, Canada", but does not if I enter "Levis".

The problem is that when a match is perfect, like if I enter "Levis", the same location (with the same woeid 862) is inclued twice in the results object.

If I only look for a perfect match, with text="{query}", it doesn't find anything when entering "Levis, Quebec, Canada".

I tried a workaround to remove double results in the function associated to resultListLocator (for the autocomplete). The thing is that I get a strange error if the number of elements returned in my array "places" is different from the query's number of results (the error I get is "D is undefined" from a line in a YUI file).

I hope I have made my situation clear and not too complicated.

Thanks !

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