Flickr photos search table doesn't return queried values for privacy filter

YQL query to retrieve results for a given query with privacy_filter as a specific where clause.

The query

select * from flickr.photos.search(0,200) where user_id='<100182176@N07>' and extras='date_upload, media, owner_name, url_o, description, tags, views, isfavorite, url_m' and api_key='f84c7fb5fc917f19785fd4edf078bd76' and privacy_filter in (5) and min_upload_date= 1379317782 | sort (field='dateupload', descending='false') | unique(field='id')

returns all values where the ispublic is 1 but the expected behaviour is that this should return all values who field ispublic should be 0

Can anyone please advice

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  • privacy_filter (Optional) Return photos only matching a certain privacy level. This only applies when making an authenticated call to view photos you own.

    I believe you have to make an authenticated OAuth call vs a direct REST call (which YQL does)


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