Fetching coordinates from geo.placefinder using postal, city, and country


I have been trying to fetch coordinates for postal codes in Denmark, and by experimenting a lot, I've found that I generally get the best results using the fully-parsed format, providing postal, city, and country, but I have run into a problem:

select * from geo.placefinder where postal="6270" and city="Tnder" and country="Denmark"

Similar statements as the above work fine, in case the city doesn't contain international characters. The query gives me a list of all the cities near Tnder, that has the same postal code, but not Tnder itself. By excluding 'city' in the query, I get the correct city in the result, but now it's called Tonder, and the locations are quite a bit off on many cities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it a bug? Am I going about this in a completely wrong way?

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  • Hmm, apparently this forum doesn't like international characters as well :-)

    I was trying to write 'Tønder'


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