Feeds table returning no results using query.multi for United States - English category

Hello -

We use query.multi to pass a batch of YQL requests to partner.news.feeds.  In recent days we've noticed that no results are returned for the U.S. English region for any categories.  The same request to another region does yield results, so it seems that query.multi and our YQL is properly formatted and working.

A single request looks like this (from our JavaScript app):

var request = "select title,date,credit,content from partner.news.feeds where category='" + category + "' and region='" + region + "' | truncate(count=3)"

To batch the request, we use query.multi and group together requests formatted above for each of the different categories.  Again, the YQL is properly formatted, since it does work for other regions.

Is the service currently unable to serve YQL query.multi for U.S. English partner.news.feeds requests?


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