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I got suggested to post my question here: I have an issue with a datatable I've created. (The original post: http://rickpastoor.tumblr.com/post/5378202...ng-problem-part )

For my graduation project, a small part requires displaying information about trends in social media. One of the services I want to include is Topsy. This little fellow is actually a very cool service which allows me to search for a keyword and get connected influential tweets.

Look at this: http://topsy.com/s?q=apple, where the most influential and active tweets are displayed.

So, to include this service, I wrote a data table. It is located here:


Works great, try this url for example:


YQL is happy :)

But in the following case, it is not working. If you take a look at the output, YQL responds with a message with something about the encoding type. (Unable to parse data using default charset utf-8)


(View source to see the error message yourself. The raw output from Topsy for this specific search request is here: http://otter.topsy.comon?window=&type=...&perpage=50 )

Does anyone has a clue how to solve this issue?

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