Different Quote Result between finance.yahoo.com and YQL

Why does the http://finance.yahoo.com page displays different result from YQL query?

Take this symbol for example: I:PEFINDO25.JK.

On http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=I%3APEFINDO25.JK, the data and chart are available and displayed.

But if I try to get result from yahoo.finance.quotes table, most fields are empty. Here is the query

select * from yahoo.finance.quotes where symbol in ("I:PEFINDO25.JK")

The chart from http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/ also not available.

Can anyone suggest which table should I use and how to properly get the chart image?

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  • the similar problem recently caught me as well. the answer got so far is that the yahoo.finance.quotes is indeed a community table: which is reversely engineered from some yahoo csv files. simply, it is not reliable, :(.


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