Data returned in XML output is missing in JSON output?!

I'm hoping someone can help me here, because I'm starting to lose my mind. I'm trying to use YQL to scrape a posting page from craigslist to grab the post date from it (i.e. when it was posted to the site). This is the query I'm using: http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/#h=...ath%3D%22//p%22

It pulls out all of the paragraph ('<p>') tags on the page. Now, the 4th paragraph on the page contains the date and time text that the post was created (in the above case this string: "Date: 2010-11-19, 11:41AM EST"). You can see it in the XML output. However, if I switch to JSON output, that same date/time text is now missing in that same paragraph. What could possibly cause that?

And before anyone asks, unfortunately I have to use JSON and can't use XML output.

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