"Redirected to a robots.txt restricted URL: http://m.brne.ws/


I am getting ""Redirected to a robots.txt restricted URL: http://m.brne.ws/"

I can get this from the console when i run

select * from html where url = "http://m.brne.ws/"

this use to work and only started to happen in the 2 weeks i think....

The http://m.brne.ws/robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: /

Any help would be great, thanks

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  • no one ?

  • It looks like your source has disallowed bots from indexing http://m.brne.ws/. You can check out the restrictions in the robots.txt file at http://m.brne.ws/robots.txt. The site's webmaster may have added the restriction recently.

    Yahoo! appears to stop YQL queries when the source is listed in the domain's robots.txt file. It would probably be a violation of the site's Terms of Service for YQL to process the query. There probably isn't a technical way around it except contacting the site's webmaster.

    Here's a helpful related Stack Overflow post.


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