"Not found" returned for 'yahoo.finance.balancesheet', 'yahoo.finance.cashflow' & 'yahoo.finance.incomestatement' ...

... apparently because URLs have changed (e.g. 'http://finance.yahoo.com/q/?s=AAPL&quarterly' should be 'http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bs?s=AAPL' - similar problem for 'Annual Data'). Seems broke for a long time. Any chance of getting this fixed?

/ M.

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  • Those tables are not maintained by yahoo, but by the datatables.org community.

    You could submit a fix and then do pull request to our github repo. https://github.com/yql/yql-tables

    Thanks -Paul

  • It seems like your code uses /bs?s=AAPL but it still returns no data. it doesnt return an error, but doesnt return any results. can you provide a working query if its working? maybe my query is wrong

  • 1) Looking at the code on GitHub (https://github.com/yql/yql-tables/blob/master/yahoo/finance/yahoo.finance.balancesheet.xml) it looks like 'q/bs?=' is in the code already - but using the YQL Exerciser with the default example (http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/?q=select%20%2a%20from%20yahoo.finance.options&env=store://datatables.org/alltableswithkeys#h=SELECT+*+FROM+yahoo.finance.balancesheet+WHERE+symbol%3D'T') shows that 'q/s?=' is still being used (which is shown in the error that is returned).

    2) The GitHub code defaults to 'quarterly' (which is also shown in the error message returned in 1)) - eventhough this does not seem supported anymore (?). Looking at the closed issues list (https://github.com/yql/yql-tables/issues?state=closed) I can see that there has been some recent activities related to the tables above - but it still defaults to quarterly (?).

    3) I have tried to find the right syntax for controlling the time frame in the query (in an effort to override the default value 'quarterly') ... but no luck (e.g. in the YQL Exerciser I tried to write '... symbol = 'T' AND timeFrame = 'annual'). I wonder how the syntax would look for 'quarterly' ... when that is supposed to be 'blank', when requesting the data (according to the link in my first post). Guess this points back to 2) that requires the default value to be 'blank' instead of 'quarterly' in the code - because you can't request that the deault value (set in the code) to be overwritten with 'blank' when calling it (or at least I haven't found a way to overwrite it).

    Any hints or comments will be appreciated ...

  • Sorry - I have problems posting the 2nd link under 1) The standard example I talk about is found on the YQL Console site (what I have referred to as Exerciser above) for the community tables:


    Go to 'Yahoo' in the right side and pick the balance sheet table there.


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