^GSPC Option Strikes

I as using YQL to retrieve option data for ^GSPC (SPX) from Yahoo finance. Data from all table columns is successfully downloaded; however, any strike over $1,000 is reported as '1'. I have confirmed the same problem in the YQL console. Further, I have confirmed that the correct strike values are displayed on the ^GSPC web page and in the page source.

Since the YQL statement finds the appropriate table and retrieves all the requested data, which is correct except for strike prices, I assume the problem must be related to the low-level interpretation of the strike data. The information is presented with a comma, such as $1,250.00, between HTML <strong> tags, so I wondered if the comma suggested end-of-field or similar. However, data presented with commas from other columns is retrieved correctly. I am stumped, and would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks very much.

David Wilt

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