YQL Finance being abused for commercial purposes


How does Yahoo! deal with people who abuse YQL and use the Finance APIs for commercial purposes? Who do we contact so you can take action against abusers?

I note that the YQL Console DataTables (including Community Tables) no longer gives a response to the search term "Finance". Did you take this down, as you recognised that it was being used to abuse you APIs?

I know that Google Finance shut their APIs. They told me this was a response to complaints by their content providers and the stock exchanges, who were unhappy to see the data redistributed.

We are buying our data from Thomson Reuters (just like you) and its disappointing to find competitors that are building their business by abusing your great service.

Thanks for looking into this and letting us know how you deal with it.

Separately, if we identify people who are screen-scraping Yahoo! Finance, is there the same process to alert you? Or a different one?

Thanks again,


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  • Yeah. It's a shame that people use this great data source to make money off of it. I was using for testing purposes, but Yahoo might have realized that people will generally ignore the "don't use it for commercial purposes" stipulation.


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