incorrect documentation

In this article:

"Enter the SearchMonkey Developer Tool and click Create a new application. "

The words SearchMonkey Developer Tool is a link to:

I see no place to click 'Create a new application'.

How to proceed?

Also, the documentation contains this false links on more places.
In certain articles, like this one: http://developer.yahoo.com/searchmonkey/sm...quickstart.html one is referring to this developer.search.yahoo.com link.

When I try to use http://developer.search.yahoo.com/start (which I found in other places in the docu) I can add only application relating to types I don't need (products, video, discussion and so on)

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  • That's because SearchMonkey is being retired. We announced it back in August. Thanks for letting us know that the documentation isn't clear though, I'll make sure the team is aware.


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