yml:swf ID?

how can i explicitly set an ID for my yml:swf object?

it is not included as an attribute here:

i have a video player swf that i need to talk to from javascript in order to tell it which video clips to play, etc.

although not an issue for me now, i could also see having more than one swf embedded in a yap view and you would need a way to distinguish them for scripting or styling.

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  • ~or~ is it possible to write a swf into the page using innerHTML/createElement? then i could re-embed the video player swf for each clip i want to play, but it is less than ideal to make the user re-load the whole swf for each video when i have a javascript api to simply update the current clip in the player. thanks.
  • another approach ive been trying is to simply crawl the DOM for the YML swf container i do have an ID for, looking for 'embed' nodes or similar but that is proving difficult as well. i am starting to feel like javascript to swf communication is not allowed and that would be kind of kill my app as planned. what is the recommended way for javascript to "talk" to a swf? or has anyone figured out a workaround yet? or can someone confirm that this is not/will not be allowed? thanks.
  • In YAP 'allowScriptAccess' is turned off by default in yml:swf, so communication between JS and Flash won't work.


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